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Knock, knock, Jackie's here!

Jackie Lou is an out of this world vocal powerhouse. She tears up every joint she plays. Dressed and inked unapologetically, ready to kick in the doors of the cultural establishment and bringing honest lyrics and a no-nonsense sound to the table. Stylistically Jackie Lou is rooted in vintage pop and rock, although her experience reaches far beyond. Her powerful voice resonates with punk, jazz, house, soul, indie, funk and rock. 


You might have seen her somewhere...

Over the course of her life, Jackie has grown into an incredibly versatile performer, all the while living through the highs and lows of a rock-'n-roll lifestyle. Performing is in her veins. After rocking bachelor studies Lucia Marthas Institute for Performing Arts and various TV gigs with THE BLAXX, she grew into a serious contender in The Voice of Holland 2019. At just 20, she became one of the core vocalists and hosts of the legendary club night Wicked Jazz Sounds in Amsterdam, where she still sings up to this day. 


Don't miss out on the next big thing.

The current 20s mark the advent of the reborn Jackie Lou. Full of life and with a story to tell, she has bursted onto the scene in fifth gear. She is now resident vocalist at multiple venues and works throughout the country (and abroad) as a popular performer, having done shows at for instance Festival Zwarte Cross, Melkweg and Paradiso. Next to that, her band 'Jackie & The Facts' is currently writing their debut album, which will be released on vinyl and on all online platforms. 


Think you can handle Jackie Lou?

Get in contact to book her or acquire a date on the next tour.

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